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Notícias do sol

Notícias do sol
Flower and gift wrapping material-pp spunbond nonwoven fabric

November 5,2019.

Flower and gift wrapping material--pp spunbond nonwoven fabric

As a kind of environmental friendly and degradable material, PP spunbond nonwoven fabric will gradually replace paper packaging and become a new kind of flower and gift wrapping. The nonwoven fabric made of 100% polypropylene material is not only colorful, but also beautiful. It is suitable for gift packaging of various specifications and flower packaging, so as to further set off its beauty.

Recently, more and more customers begin to use colorful non woven fabrics to package flowers and gifts, which shows that non woven fabrics are more and more popular.

Below is some popular nonwoven fabrics for flower and gift wrapping.

Colorful polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric 50-80gram

Emboss nonwoven fabric 50-80gram

Nonwoven fabric is used for gift and flower packing.

Suitable for Hotel Decoration, Outdoor,Party,Wedding,etc.


The specification as follow,

Weight: 50-120 gram


color:any color

MOQ :1000KG per color

Delivery: About 14 working days


For the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas, nonwoven fabric is the best flower and gift packaging.


If you have any unclear, please contact Alex !

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